• Generated over $50 million in revenue with the internet
• Attracted over 1 million leads in 20+ industries
• Orchestrated 100+ online product launch campaigns

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About Matthias Mazur

Matthias Mazur's internet marketing strategies have generated over $50 million in extra revenue and over 1 million leads for his companies and clients since 2005.

After sharing his internet marketing strategies with thousands of entrepreneurs and companies ranging from startups to billion-dollar corporations at conferences in Europe and North America, Matthias saw the need for services and full-service offerings.

That is why he created ZuraMedia, an online marketing, sales & social media agency that helps clients get more leads, more revenue and more visibility online using heavy-hitting internet marketing and sales strategies.

He works alongside his sister, Mélodie Mazur, CFO of the agency. Mélodie graduated with a master of law and is also familiar with the entrepreneurship, having started, managed and sold a Crossfit gym while still attending college.

Matthias is the best-selling author of "Maximize: 29 Strategies to Turbocharge Your Business with the Power of the Internet", available on Amazon.

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Social Media & Online Branding

  • Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon Complete Social Media strategy
  • Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon Boosting Online Visibility
  • Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon Increase Brand Recognition
  • Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon Dominate Your Market
  • Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon Online Reputation Management
  • Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon Attract More Customers


Lead Generation and Sales

monthly (based on 1 yr)
  • Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon We Generate Internet Leads For You
  • Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon Completely Turnkey
  • Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon Laser-focus targeting
  • Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon Banners, SEM and SEO Leads
  • Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon Internet Advertising Strategy
  • Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon Budgets from $10,000 to $1,000,000/ month
  • Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon For Service Providers:OurIn-house Sales Team Sells FOR You



  • Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon Security strategy
  • Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon Technical security services
  • Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon Cyber security education and training
  • Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon Risk identification and security auditing
  • Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon Penetration testing
  • Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon Threat identification, surveillance and response



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